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Machine Learning, AI

Evaluation and application of different approaches in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Data Analysis

From hidden patterns to relevant results

Prediction, Alarm

Targeted long term predictions and immediate alarms in the financial markets, healthcare environments and further areas of application

Health Systems

Algorithms, interfaces and software architecture for interconnected Health Systems

Case Study: Fall Prevention

Advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis, health status prediction, alarms and visualization are part of Spring Techno´s contribution the WIISEL project.

WIISEL facilitates fall detection and fall prevention.

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Our Expertise

Spring Techno covers the whole technological value chain from data networking and storage over data modeling to specialized user interfaces.

Health Systems and Sensor Data Analysis

Development of self-learning applications and user interfaces for those who are elderly or have special needs

For example: The sensor data of an insole for those who are elderly is being analyzed with pattern recognition.  Our software will automatically recognize that the user of the insole has fallen. The system will issue an automatic call for help. Additionally, the system detects shifts in the gait of the user giving the clinician the means and an indication for an early treatment prior to the patient entering a state of higher risk of falling.


Social- and Market Pattern Assessment

Pattern recognition and data modeling using fuzzy logic and neural nets

Depending on the area of application, the data is pre-processed, analyzed and visualized.

Most use cases that spring techno is involved in will require specific patterns to be extracted from a huge amount of raw data which will lead to a relevant signal and corresponding action.

For example: In the data of a financial stock that is being analyzed, our system detects a pattern that in the past had a high relevance as an indicator for future rising prices of this equity. The system makes a prognosis of the exact future price levels of the next day, including the per cent probability of reaching these levels.


Assisted Living

Spring Techno employs data analysis techniques to derive a model for the wellness of the user along four dimensions: Social, nutrition, leisure habits and mobility.

This model enables the system to track variations in the daily activities over time in order to detect the right time to provide a recommendation. This allows for timely access to quantitative data from the user and allows the activation of individual and social recommendations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Spring Techno provides algorithms and software technology for Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

Projects specifically address the needs of patients remotely followed by professional caregivers by developing advanced smart e-health IoT devices and architecture in Europe. SPRING typically adds health-sensor – and fall detection / fall prevention related value.

Prediction and Alarms


Hands-free detection of patterns that have been unknown up to this point.

Pattern definition tool

On demand, we provide a module allowing individual definition and programming of patterns which allows the user to test their own pattern definition ideas

Self-learning systems

New inflow from a continuous data-stream is automatically integrated into pattern recognition and definition. This keeps the pattern pool up to date with the most recent events and updates the system on a constant basis, making the resulting prognosis more accurate.

Background Technology

Spring Techno provides significant background technology

Proprietary secure Cloud “TIMO Cloud”

TIMO stand for “This Is My Own” and is spring technos´s proprietary cloud storage and data exchange system.

Visual Analytics and custom Interfaces

Spring Technos´ visualization systems represent data in a way, that makes relevant  structures visible – and support the user during the decision making process.

Information visualization tools, techniques, and methodologies are used to support data-analysis, mainly focusing on highlighting exceptions, patterns and clusters. Interaction and User Interface Design methodologies are adopted to provide simple, smooth, effective and focused user interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Forecasting Algorithms

Spring Techno is experienced in handling and analyzing big data by using pre-processing algorithms to cluster data with specific properties for different applications. This allows automated real time detection and prediction of certain events.

As a result, application-based utilities can be built to cover specific use cases. This includes monitoring of ongoing variations as well as forecasting alterations. With an individual focus, medium- and long term changes can be monitored and predicted.

Proprietary Pattern Recognition and ML platforms


From hidden patterns to relevant results

Spring Techno provides a background of proprietary Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning platforms, which can be applied to individual use cases. These include health systems, statistics, evaluation of sensor data, risk assessment and financial market modeling.


Typical Project Contribution of Spring Techno

Spring Techno typically contributes to the technical and software development part of the project. This involves the software development Work Packages (WPs) like Requirements Definition, Data Management, Data Analysis, Visualizations and Pilots. Within these WPs, Spring Techno takes a leading role in designing and implementing the analytical algorithms.

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