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from hidden structures to relevant results

Pattern recognition is one of the core competencies of spring techno GmbH & Co. KG.

spring techno covers the whole chain of value from processing and storing the raw data – through recognition of relevant structures and data mining – all the way to data representation in specialized interfaces.

Pattern recognition

Depending on the area of application, the data is pre-processed, analyzed and visualized.

Most use cases that spring techno is involved in will require specific patterns to be extracted from a huge amount of raw data which will lead to a relevant signal and corresponding action.

Selected Areas of Application

• Health
Development of self-learning applications and user interfaces for those who are elderly or have special needs. 
For example: The sensor data of an insole for those who are elderly is being analyzed with pattern recognition.  Our software will automatically recognize that the user of the insole has fallen. The system will issue an automatic call for help. Additionally, the system detects shifts in the gait of the user giving the clinician the means and an indication for an early treatment prior to the patient entering a state of higher risk of falling.

• Forecasts from Numerical Data
Pattern recognition and data modeling using fuzzy logic and neural nets.
For example: In the data of a financial stock that is being analyzed, our system detects a pattern that in the past had a high relevance as an indicator for future rising prices of this equity. The system makes a prognosis of the exact future price levels of the next day, including the per cent probability of reaching these levels.

• Media, Data Mining, Search
Analysis, detection and clustering of patterns within data sets.
For example: Development of a search engine that shows search results in a browsable 3D space.

• Mobility
Pattern recognition in connection with geo-location.
For example: In conjunction with Frankfurt Airport, the development of a smartphone based indoor navigation system for those who are blind.

• Security
Identification, tracking, storing and classification of security relevant patterns from sensors and cameras.
For example: Pattern recognition, combining data of several independent sources, extracting additional and highly security relevant results.



Holger Arndt, Stefan Burkard: Erfolgreich mit eigenen Handelssystemen (Successful with Proprietary Trading Systems), FinanzBuch Verlag, October 2005. ISBN-10: 3898791270 – Pattern recognition in the financial markets.

Selected USPs

Hands-free detection of patterns that have been unknown up to this point.

Pattern definition tool
On demand, we provide a module allowing individual definition and programming of patterns which allows the user to test their own pattern definition ideas.

Self-learning systems
New inflow from a continuous data-stream is automatically integrated into pattern recognition and definition. This keeps the pattern pool up to date with the most recent events and updates the system on a constant basis, making the resulting prognosis more accurate.

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