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Our Expertise

spring techno covers the whole technological value chain from data networking and storage over data modeling to specialized user interfaces.


Areas of Application

The vast expertise spring techno has developed in pattern recognition, data mining, search algorithms, databases and user interfaces have allowed us to extend our products and services to various fields of application:

• Health: Development of adaptive user interfaces for those who are elderly based on advanced pattern recognition techniques. Location based assistive technologies.

• Mobility: Geo-location based techniques to support people on the move using Web 2.0 platforms.

• Media: Partner in multimedia interface project that designs adaptive and interactive media channels based on content recognition.

• Search: Development of backend and frontend of 3D Search Engines with enhanced visualization and browsing techniques.

• Security: Identification, tracking, storing and classification of certain security relevant patterns extrapolated by data coming from sensors and cameras.

Data Mining
Core expertise: From data processing backend, pattern recognition and data mining to customized interfaces.

Further Expertise

The following keywords further specify our expertise and interests:
Pattern recognition, simulations to forecast potential impacts, data modeling and prediction, visualization, search algorithms, 3D, innovative user interfaces, databases, data mining, system architecture, mobile solutions, geo applications, cloud computing.

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