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trading software
trading software

Self learning pattern identification, Fuzzy logic and forecasting

Trading Software


An automated pattern recognition application for the Forex markets. By analyzing historical data, Forex Bull predicts the open, high, low and close of the next bar. The prediction adjusts itself with new price data and prevents the risk of over-optimization, as there is no fixed system.


A set of applications that predict the Futures, CFD and Stock markets

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Maran Trader

All-in-one trading solution for technical analysis and charting. It enables real-time access to Stocks and Futures, FOREX and CFDs - and even more markets. It is able to chart and analyze quotes from any market in real time or on historical data. Maran Trader is also able to test trading ideas by creating custom indicators and trading systems. It is equipped with a comprehensive trading language which enables the development of complex algorithms.


Hedge Fund Portfolio Analysis solution

It provides asset managers with a unique set of tools for dynamic portfolio selection and risk control.

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